Zionist belief in the second coming of Christ

Zionist belief in the second coming of Christ

Christians Zionists believe that past and present events in the Middle East are pointing to the soon coming return of the Messiah.  Though scripture reminds us that ‘No man knows the day and hour’, of Christ’s visitation, events are shaping up exactly as revealed in the Bible.

The state of Israel becoming a reality, for example, was one fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  Other milestones pointing to recent history were the Six-Day War, 100 years of the Balfour Agreement and 150 years since American writer Mark Twain visited Palestine as it was known back then.

These events are just a few of the examples that many Christians give to support the belief that the Messiah is on his way back.  For many believers, they are not just coincidences, but are rooted in true belief with Biblical scripture to back up what they are espousing.

Christian Zionists believe that events are happening with such rapid frequency and significance, that the coming of Jesus the Messiah to Jerusalem, from where he will bring peace and prosperity to all people and the world, is at the door.

The Vice Head of the Christian Embassy based in Jerusalem David Parsons has said: “Reading Israel’s history, there seems to be something unusual about 50 year cycles”.  He went on to state that there does indeed seem to be something special happening to support the notion of Christ’s imminent return.

Bob O’Dell an American Ambassador and co-founder of Root Source agrees with David Parsons assertions.  Root Source is an online website where Messianic Jews teach Christians about Biblical events, all apparently based in scripture.

Bob O’Dell says something big indeed is going to happen as he has seen a surge in support for Israel in 2017.  He highlights such things as blood moons, the fact that Donald Trump said he would move the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and the grandchildren of Donald Trump are Jewish.

However one would do well to base the coming of Christ soley on Biblical events supported by the text.

As Christians, whether Zionist or not, we need to pray and meditate on such things.  For only the Lord can reveal the truth ultimately to us.  Jesus himself said to be watchful but we also have to be aware there are an awful lot of charlatans out there, and if we not careful, we could get swept along with deception and false teaching, also predicted in the last days!




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