A Christian approach to diet and excercise.

A Christian approach to diet and excercise.

Obesity and being overweight is a major problem in the western world today, particularly in the UK and USA.

A survey was undertaken in 2014 which highlighted that 62% of adults were classified as being overweight compared to 53% twenty years ago. More than two-thirds of men and almost 6 in 10 women were overweight or obese. If those were the findings in 2014 in the UK, imagine what those findings would say today!

People exercise and eat healthy for many reasons. Some do it to be genuinely healthy while others do it to improve their body shape and appearance and embrace a lifestyle that involves visits to the gym more than a few times per week. Sadly, there are those who do not care at all about their health and they abuse their body with all the wrong foods and neglect daily exercise.

There will always be fad diets or the latest exercise regime to draw attention to our health and lifestyle, and yet while many may be of some benefit, spiritual fitness and our relationship with God should be uppermost in our minds.

It is important that we look after our physical health. Corinthians 6:19 clearly states our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit so therefore we should be mindful of what we put into it.

God made us to have life in abundance, and an important part of that is to eat healthily and look after our physical well being. After all, we are constructed in the image of our Creator, so when we eat or drink the wrong things, it raises the question: are we dishonouring him? God isn’t a killjoy and he does not want us to be scared of what we eat or drink, but to show moderation and common sense with respect for the body he gave us, which is surely important. So when it comes to diet and exercise as a Christian a sensible, spiritual and balanced way is the avenue for Christians.

My next blog will be about how we can live a spiritually fit and healthy life.