Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

Everyone wants to be happy, but what is happiness?

In contrast to the definitions of our age and it’s false illusory promises, according to the Bible, there is another, ‘most excellent way of love’ that shows us that happiness isn’t just about us. Happiness depends on a proper relationship with God and our neighbour.

Happiness isn’t a synonym for pleasure or a euphoric high, nor the accomplishment of a perfect state of affairs based on our desires. Happiness is something more. It’s about labouring for goodness so that we can be of the greater good to others. A Christlike example, may inspire others to choose the oath of goodness that comes from God, and assisting them in letting it flourish.

And so, the most excellent way is given through a different set of eight things in scripture. Rather than passing philosophies of the age, this list has proven itself to have an eternal significance and has come to be called ‘The Beatitudes’. These simple declarations pave the way to true and lasting happiness. Rather than a short-cut solution or compromised self-guide, ‘The Beatitudes’ display the challenge and course of life, to be followed, if we want to thrive in real and enduring happiness.

This challenge to be happy often involves suffering. It’s a summons for us to die to vain or narcissistic aspects of our personalities and behaviour so that we can follow a path of virtue that is the best expression of who we are called to be. So the Beatitudes, extol poverty of the spirit, sorrow over evil or loss, meekness, a hungering and a thirst for righteousness, mercy, a purity of heart, peace-making, and a willingness to accept persecution, for what is right.

This is the sure path to happiness that is offered to each of us, but will we accept it?

We were made for God’s pleasure and surely that truth alone should make us happy, so, let’s take up the challenge of the Beatitudes, choose happiness and show our world what true contentment looks like!

God bless you xxx


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