Bible Study and Much More!

Bible Study and Much More!

The Bible study at the Victoria Community Church is indeed a Bible study with a difference. It’s not just a place where we study scripture, but an open forum for discussion. People attending the group are encouraged to discuss anything they want to, whether it is personal, world-related or Bible-based.

Our session lasts for an hour and a half from 10.00 am – 11.30 am, and the session is lead by an experienced lecturer and orator, David. We work from textbooks, and usually, we take it in turns in reading the particular scripture related to the textbook page we are studying.

To date, we have studied the parables of Jesus, the life and times of Moses and lately, Proverbs.

Everyone says the forum is unique when it comes to Bible studies. The format is very open and informal and could be described as very relaxed. Those who attend can have tea or coffee whenever they want, and biscuits along with other refreshments are also on offer.

From my point of view (Nick), the forum reminds me of many college courses I have been on, and I like that. I find the people at the Bible study, very friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming and totally inclusive. The whole experience is very enlightening and very spiritual, as well as a place for discussion. In short, the session makes my week, and I am disappointed when the session comes to an end, yet, always glad I took part.

When one thinks of Bible studies, some might think of dusty rooms, where students study, a particular chapter of the Bible, led by the lecturer, with little or no interaction. Our Bible study is indeed interactive, caring, intellectual, comedic and spiritual. Indeed, in a nutshell, you have it all!

So I would say to anyone reading this, please do come and visit, I am confident it will certainly be worth your while. If you are already a Christian, someone looking for God or whatever your background, Im sure you will find the study an encouraging and enlightening experience.

God bless you xxx.