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Oct 2019

Failure is something the material world frowns upon, and the media often loves to build people up only to shoot them down again. The press, especially in 2019, are continually criticising people for something that led them to a downfall. It can be a cold, negative and thankless world to inhabit, and one that shows the folly of those who solely pursue material ambition over developing character. Materialism is the bedrock of life for many in the 21st Century, and of course, that is how the world measures someone’s success or failure,......

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Christ and Criticism.

The Bible clearly tells us not to judge or criticise others. Yet, the society we live in today is full of judgement and critique. Though critique is a healthy part of development in the...

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Communication is Key!

Today the world is more interconnected than at any other time in history. Through television and radio, we can listen to and watch programmes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In less...

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God Loves Feminists Too!

Feminism, as we understand it today, wasn’t around when the Bible was written. However, the Bible does contain strong, spiritual and courageous female figures. Feminism is a philosophy that advocates women should have equality...

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Are You Ready?

Many Christians today believe that we are living in the end times. As evidence, they point to events in the Middle East or the wider world and they match various biblical prophecies in the...

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