Feb 2018

Christians in the UK are certainly finding times tough in a society that is becoming largely secular and where other faiths are given as much prominence as their own.  Issues such as not being able to wear a cross at work or sharing their faith with a colleague are just a few of the challenges facing Christians today.  However, we still live in a democracy, and despite all its faults, one’s freedom of faith is enshrined in law. In other parts of the world, however, Christians are facing life and death situations. ......

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The modern world is a distracting place where it seems we are less able to find time for ourselves.  This situation has resulted in many people from all walks of life suffering stress and...

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Food for Thought

When I’m out walking my dog or watching nature documentaries on tv, I’m inspired and deeply moved as I look in awe at the wonders of the universe and all the creator has made. Our...

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Jesus and the Jedi!

Human beings love a good story of light v darkness and where good overcomes evil.  Sci-fi fantasies like Star Wars contain all that and more. When the movie ‘Star Wars’ opened in 1977 did...

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Jesus: The real meaning of Christmas.

Watching television in the run-up to Christmas, one can’t help but feel bombarded with Christmas adverts. If it’s not celebs pushing the latest Dior product, Amazon showing how efficient their delivery of gifts across the...

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Christians and the environment

Why should we bother about planet earth? Some Christians have the opinion that we shouldn’t care for the environment.  The reason behind this thinking is that someday there will be a new heaven and...

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