Christians and the environment

Christians and the environment

Why should we bother about planet earth?

Some Christians have the opinion that we shouldn’t care for the environment.  The reason behind this thinking is that someday there will be a new heaven and earth, so our priority should be winning souls for Christ in the time we have left on earth.

While winning souls should be the prime objective of all Christians, the Bible clearly states that humans are custodians of God’s creation and our blue planet matters.  When we abuse the planet with our activities we are damaging what God loves.  The earth is finite, yet many people act as if what we have today will last forever.  It clearly will not and as Christians,  we should be concerned about global warming, the extinction of species, deforestation, pollution and any other activities caused by humans.

Saint Francis of Assisi is a good example for Christians to follow in his attitude towards our world and the other species we share it with.

To be concerned for our world, and especially for our fellow humans is a direct commandment from our creator.  Jesus himself used illustrations from nature which point to our relationship between ourselves and the natural world. (For example look up Matt 6:26-30 or Luke 12:24-28 for reference).

There is inequality in our world and especially in the western hemisphere where people live in comparative splendour compared to those who wonder where their next meal is coming from.  Jesus clearly taught us to care for the poor and the oppressed whether they be our neighbour or someone in a foreign land. (See James 2.5 as an example of this).

Christians should care about the planet and the impact we make upon it.  The good news is that one day earth and the universe will renew themselves by the hand of God.  Until then, we must be good custodians of the world we live in, and we must take care of one another.




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