Energy Bills: Solutions Both Material and Spiritual.

Energy Bills:  Solutions Both Material and Spiritual.

We will all be affected by energy bills as they rise. So what’s causing the sudden hike in energy bills? Bills were expected to rise before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, bills are expected to soar exponentially. Europe has been dependent on Russian gas and especially in Germany. Germany has been at the mercy of Russian gas and oil as are other parts of Europe. The UK unlike our European cousins only gets 3% of its gas from Russia. However, we are still facing enormous energy hikes and in prices in general such as shopping, fuel pumps, etc.

As energy consumers rightly worry about energy price hikes, the energy companies have announced huge profits. This cannot be right and is certainly, unjust and immoral to many.

According to the group Cornwall Insight, prices in October will rise to £3,244 and in January to £3,363. As mentioned earlier, this will be a massive worry to households up and down the country. Obviously, those that are financially better off will be able to deal with this better. However, those on benefits or lower-paid workers will look at this with apocalyptic concern. The Lord only knows how those at the bottom end of life will cope.

The Johnson administration has promised a £400 relief payment in October. This will be broken down into payments of £66 – £67 to be paid each month. The government at that time left it to energy companies how they will pay those customers. This help was brought in by ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak before resigning. Martin Lewis the well-known financial expert, however, has said this payment for some will not be enough.

Liz Truss, our new Prime Minister said throughout her leadership battle with Rishi Sunak, that she will help by lowering taxes. On the 8th of September, she will reveal her plans.

The outgoing Johnson administration said it had left suggestions for the incoming administration (at the time they were not sure if it would be Truss or Sunak) to tackle the rising prices. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Zahawi declined to take action over rising energy bills. Boris said he realized there is much concern about rising bills but that it would be a matter for his successor. Of course, we now know that Liz Truss is our Prime Minister, and today as promised she outlined what her government will do to help consumers. She is freezing energy prices for 2 years (the length of time she has until the next general election in 2024). Bills will be frozen at £2,500 which in her estimation will save households £1000 a year. The £400 grant will still be paid in October in increments as explained in the above paragraph. Many have stated, however, that this £400 grant should rise to at least £800. Liz Truss in her House of Commons address said the government will still meet its deadline of no emissions from fossil fuels by 2050. Of course, renewables like solar, wind, nuclear, etc, were still on the agenda. Subjects like fracking might be back on the agenda too and will only be done with the permission of local communities (apparently).

Sir Keir has outlined what he would do if Labour were in power now. Sir Keir, however, while welcoming the news of the government’s plan to help struggling households disagreed with Ms. Truss’ stance on not extending the windfall tax on energy companies. In other words, the massive profits that companies in the energy business have made should be taxed to help consumers with their bills. However, Ms Truss has ruled out a further extension to the windfall tax leading to Sir Keir saying the Prime Minister is not on the side of billpayers.

Some good news is that companies like British Gas and Octopus are mindful that many consumers will struggle. Therefore, they are keen to have energy prices frozen for years and this must come as welcome news to many if it is a genuine concern.

Of course, in Christ’s time over 2000 years ago, electricity and gas did not exist as energy sources. People had oil as a source of energy to burn from oil lamps in their homes or if they were out at night. Of course, Christ was the light that shone in the darkness in those days (as he still shines today in our darkness) let us not forget. Christ’s energy is something you do not have to pay for and is free forever. Even though bills, as we understand them today, did not exist people still had to pay their way. That might be to the tax collector, paying for goods, such as food, being in debt, etc. Times may have changed but the idea of paying for something is still very much with us. Rich and poor and who could afford what is just as relevant today as it was then? Jesus famously said, “Pay what you pay to Caesar and pay what you pay to God”. Jesus was highlighting what we pay in this world and also pay respect to God. Although paying God with our time, our respect, etc, is vastly different from paying your council tax, an energy bill, your shopping, and so on. One is worldly and materialistic while the other is spiritual as we commune with our creator.

God certainly has a heart for the poor and scripture is clear on that. However, Jesus mixed with people from all walks of life regardless of their financial position. Jesus offered people a solution to their problems, whether financial or not. That was to follow him and trust in God for everything as scripture tells us repeatedly in the Old and New Testaments. God never said we would not have troubles of one sort or another in this life but plainly said he is there for us. And beyond this life, there is eternal life where the woes of this world will not be relevant. You will reign forever with God in peace, comfort, and security whereas materialism as we understand it will be an alien and irrelevant concept.

If you are worried about bills either now or in the future you can speak to an organization called Christians Against Poverty. They are a Christian charity set up to help people with financial worries and you don’t necessarily have to be Christian. They do not judge and are simply there to help and give advice. Speak to your energy company they will be willing to help and agree to a payment plan. Speak to CAB, your local MP, your family, friends, your church community, and your pastor. Solutions will be forthcoming and hopefully, they will set you on the right track.

Finally, by all means, pray, meditate, and ask your Heavenly Father who knows your needs even before you ask Him. He will come alongside you and provide answers in a very real and spiritual sense.

We always end on helpful scripture and this blog is no different:

Philippians 4:19: ‘And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Jesus Christ.

God bless you

Nick x


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