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Why We Give?

What we believe about giving is:
We encourage giving as an act of worship


It focuses our hearts on our true treasure which is Christ (Matthew 6:21)
It is an acknowledgement that God is the owner of everything.
It turns our focus from the idolatry of money to serving God (Luke 16:11-13)
It is an expression of our love for God and our devotion to Him.
It is born out of our free response to all He has done for us, not out of guilt or duty.

Donate For a Cause

Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Please join our church repair plan.
We appreciate your generosity and your cooperation in supporting our church to spread its community ans service opportunities.

Build a House for Shewli's family

Build a House for Shewli’s family

We are excited to begin fundraising for a house-building project for Shewly Biswas, a friend of our...

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