God and The British Monarchy.

God and The British Monarchy.

We live in an Elizabethan age. The first Elizabethan age began with the reign of Elizabeth I from 1558 – 1603 and it was the first time a woman had held such power that commanded the respect of both gentry and the common folk. It was a time of innovation and discovery which ultimately laid the foundation of the British Empire.

Our current Monarch, Elizabeth II began her 70 year reign in 1952 and this has been a time of great discovery, innovation and change. Our queen began her reign when Winston Churchill was Prime Minister for his second time of being Prime Minister, and she has certainlly seen many leaders come and go, since, from the first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to the current incumbant, Boris Johnson. The Queen wields no political power as we have a consititutional monarch. However, she does have weekly meetings with the Prime Minister of the day and perhaps then may express political opinions.

The next genration of royals, however, may have difficulhty keeping silent on matters that concern them. Prince Charles has been outspoken on many issues and he seems to enjoy tackling matters head on, like climate change and matters of religious faith. His son, William, seems more like a monarch who will stay traditionally aloof – however, he is also very outspoken on mental health issues.

The Queen herself is known as a stoic Christian and strong member of the Anglican Church or Church of England. Her faith has carried her through many trials and tribulations, be it the time of Diana, the recent death of her husband Prince Philip, and more recently the behaviour of Prince Harry and the preceived rebellion of Prince Harry with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The Queen has been and is the patron of many charities, not forgetting the excellant Duke of Edinburgh Award. This charity was set up by her husband the late Prince Philip to help young people from a poor background, to strive for excellance and achievement.

Queen Elizabeth is now in her 90s and is the longest-serving British monarch ever. Before that, the title of the longest-serving monarch was Queen Victoria. Like today’s Elizabeth, she was a stoic queen who began her reign in the Victorian era named after her. Victoria lived to the early years of the 20th centrury and died in 1901.

The recent Platinum Jubilee was all about the Queen’s 70-year regin. Many took time off and celebrated that reign whether in street parties or some other way of commemorating the monarch’s reign. Let us spare a thought for all those that have not been able to take time off in the NHS, the hospitality sector, etc.

Of course, not everyone is a royalist and there are those who would rather the UK be a republic. In a recent YouGov poll, 61% supported the monarchy and were looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee, while 24% thought it a waste of time supporting an institution like the monarchy that they vehemently disagree with. Even Christians are divided and disagree when it comes to having a King or Queen of the UK. Some see the Queen as an upholder of British tradition and a stoic servant of God. Other Christians with a more left-wing view see the monarch as a throwback to the medieval period or the days when Britain was an imperial power. They point out that unelected, well off people like the monarchy are immoral, especially in these days of rising costs.

Finally, let us not forget that Jesus himself is a King but the difference between earthly monarchs is that Jesus does not need riches or palaces. No castle, palace or grand house can contain the majesty of the creator of the universe – God. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Everything in creation acknowledges the splendour and total Majesty of the Sovereign of the universe. Yet for all his power, God clothed himself in human form as Jesus Christ becaused he loves us and sacrificed himself for us so that our relationship with him was made anew through his death, resurrection and ascension. If we trust in his incarnation as Jesus Christ and he died to reconcile us to him, then we will dwell with God forever. His grace and mercy is great toward those that love him and respect Him. God is a King whose reign is forever and his realm is vast and without end.

Scripture speaks of monarchy and it relates to everything we have spoken about in this blog:

1 Peter 2:17: “Honour everyone. Love brotherhood. Respect God. Honour the Emperor”.

Psalm 118:8 – 9: “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than trust in in princes”.

1 Timothy 2:2: “For kings and all who are in high positions are there that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life godly and dignified in every way”.

God bless you.

Nick x.


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