God and The General Election of 2019.

God and The General Election of 2019.

How has the general election result of 2019 left us?

When news came in that Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party had achieved a landslide win on the 13th of December, it came as a shock to some. To be fair, an Exit Poll commissioned by the BBC suggested the Tories were going to get a majority.

Before voting day, some polls suggested that we might see a hung parliament and Boris would get a small majority, or Jeremy Corbyn ‘might just’ win. However, Boris won with a thumping majority.

Constituencies in the North and the Midlands returned Tory MPs that had been Labour-held constituencies for generations. So what made the electorate turn against Jeremy Corbyn? The media certainly portrayed both men as deeply flawed characters. Mr Johnson was accused of being an Islamophobe, a far-right politician, a serial womaniser and untrustworthy. Mr Corbyn was an alleged anti-Semite, accused of being friends with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA, a far-left politician, and his aversion to nuclear weapons was highlighted.

Mr Corbyn thought that speaking about the NHS, austerity, universal credit, food banks, amongst other things would cut it with the electorate. Many on the left of the political debate, including Christians, hoped this would enable a Labour victory. Boris, on the other hand, spoke mainly about Brexit and ‘getting it done’. His mantra of ‘getting Brexit done’ was mocked in the media, but it connected with the voters, including Labour leavers. Mr Corbyn said that if he became Prime Minister, he would be neutral in any second referendum to stay in or leave the European Union.

It’s quite plain to see that Labour underestimated the power of the leave voter, even amongst Labour supporters, and this ultimately contributed to their defeat. The Shadow Chancellor and close friend of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, acknowledged that the election really was about ‘getting Brexit done’ after all.

For Christians on the right, Boris’s majority will be answered prayer. Some Christians who are right-leaning politically, believe it is God’s will for the UK to leave the EU, and that the European Union is a Satanic tool. Therefore it is God’s will for the UK to be free of this.

There are many Christians on the left who are deeply worried now that the Conservatives have such a powerful majority, and that the government will continue with damaging policies that affect the NHS, schools, etc amongst other social services – policies they believe have largely harmed the poorest in our society.

When it comes to Christianity worldwide, Boris has tweeted and mentioned in his Christmas address that he would help persecuted Christians. An excellent organisation called ‘Release International’, want to hold Boris’s feet to the fire to make sure he delivers on what he said.

As Christians then, whether right or left, we must not let our political differences divide us. Regardless of our political views, we must work together and pray that Boris will deliver to the UK, and especially to those most deprived, the good that he has promised.

So finally then, whichever way you voted in the general election of 2019, all at Victoria Community Church wish you a blessed, peaceful and wonderful Christmas. Also, a stable, prosperous and spiritual New Year.

God bless you xxx.


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