Hallelujah Not Halloween!

Hallelujah Not Halloween!

Goths At Prayer.

I wrote some time ago about Halloween and how it has grown as a celebration over the years. Of course, things like ‘trick or treating and other aspects of the celebration come from the US. It has been a standard thing in the US to celebrate ‘Halloween’for some time, and often, with all things American, it sooner or later crosses the Atlantic and reaches the UK. In the 90s Halloween grew as a celebration and of course, the shops were quick to exploit this with Pound signs in their eyes.

In this present century that celebrates all aspects of the dark arts, Halloween is no exception. As many as 36% took part in 2021 and it is likely to be 43% of the population this year.

While Halloween can seem like innocent fun and games for adults and kids alike, there is a far darker side to it. Halloween began as a Pagan Celtic ceremony at the end of the harvest called Samhain. Here we are told that the veil between the physical world and the world of spirit becomes thin, and all manner of astral entities roam the earth.

Pagans today still celebrate this festival in the Celtic tradition and these include Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagan celebrants. Some of these practitioners may not recognise the Christian label of serving Satan, while there are indeed those who are Satanists and readily admit to this. Either way, this celebration whether its adherents admit it or not – is only serving the demonic. If something is not aligned with God, no matter how innocent it may appear, it ultimately cannot produce any good.

The Goth community often identifies as Pagan and they will celebrate Halloween. Of course, there is the famous Whitby Goth fest which attracts thousands of them to the ruins of an old monastery not far from Whitby. There is also a ‘World Goth Day’. Whitby will be full of Pagan and New Age shops selling all kinds of un-Godly paraphernalia. It’s no wonder then that many Christians look at these people with suspicion and fear. However, just because someone walks into your church dressed as a Goth does not make them necessarily Pagan.

We are too fond of judging someone because of the way they dress or rumours we have heard about them. The Bible clearly tells us not to judge someone based on those and other things which may not be true. Some Goths, Emos, Punks, and other subcultures also claim to be Christian and some appear very devout.

One Christian Goth connected to a Christian Eucharist wore a t-shirt saying “if the world hates you – it hated me first”. This is a quote from St John’s Gospel although the message is about those who follow Christ and how the world will treat them, it also has another meaning. If you remember Jesus mixed with the downtrodden of this world in his day. So we might surmise that Jesus would welcome Goths into his Kingdom as long as their heart is for him.

No doubt, there will be many parents, schools, and even some churches, and charities, encouraging participation in Halloween and what they think is an innocent time. Of course, not all kids or even adults dress as vampires, ghosts, or witches. Some dress as non-horror characters.

But one cannot ignore the Pagan and Satanic origins of this festival, not to mention some of the macabre outfits with some looking outright demonic and evil. Of course, the material world we live in would be in denial that Halloween is such, but even the appearance of evil, should be totally avoided.

Just like the world today celebrates other dark things that they deny has a Satanic agenda, the world closes its eyes to the truth, and the devil is having a field day.

When our Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, ancestors became Christian the church realized something. It realized the former Pagan festivals fell on times like the summer or winter equinox or the end of harvest. They knew the former Pagans would gather together on those days to celebrate the old religion. So, subsequntly, the church replaced those Pagan celebrations with Christian ones instead. Hence Samhain became ‘All Hallows Eve’ or for Short ‘Halloween’. People still gathered on those days but they were no longer Pagan but Christian. Unfortunately, however, in the last 30 years the material world and things like Wicca have encouraged this pre-Christian festival back.

When you have children and they see their friends trick or treating, dressing up, going to Halloween parties, it is difficult for Christians. Perhaps also for other Abrahamic faiths like Jews and Muslims who like we, recognise that Halloween is an agenda of the false god of this world (as the Bible calls Satan). So, we must sit our kids down and explain to them mindfully, thoughtfully, and in a non-scary way just what Halloween is really about. Maybe as Christians we should have ‘Hallelujah’ parties instead. Adults and kids alike can still have fun and games but with God at the centre rather than Satan and the dark entities that serve him.

Finally, as always at the end of my blog here is some scripture to keep us on the spiritual straight and narrow:

1 John 1:5: “This is the message heard from him and it declares to you: God is light; there is no darkness at all”.

2 Corinthians 11:14: “And no wonder, for Satan himself, masquerades as an angel of light”.

God bless you,

Nick x.


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