History of our church

History of our church


Let me take you back to a Victorian seaside town with a population of around 2,500 residents. The
town was served by a newly built railway line which brought summer visitors to bathe in the Irish
Sea. There was no electricity, no gas and no running water. Many of the town’s present landmarks
had not been built – there was no Tower, no piers, no tramway and no Winter Gardens. The town, of course, is Blackpool and the year is 1849; the year Victoria Congregational Church was opened.

To give a complete and comprehensive history of our church is not easy. Previous histories have
recorded that the material available is too limited. The earliest surviving minute books only go
back to 1930. Therefore, it is something far more modest we are attempting in this booklet – a brief
summary of the church’s first one hundred and fifty years, its past events and characters. The
information we have of the church’s past is sufficient to reveal a glimpse of her part in the religious
life of Blackpool during the last one hundred and fifty years. It is a rich heritage in which we have
every reason to be proud and from which we can draw inspiration for the work of the present.

If this brief summary of the story of Victoria Congregational Church serves to encourage and
inspire the church’s present members and friends, the writing of it will be more than justified. We
hope that it will prove interesting, both to our own members and friends, and to those who happen
to read it in time to come.

Mark Thompson
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