Its Not What Christ Looked Like Rather Its What He Came To Do.

Its Not What Christ Looked Like Rather Its What He Came To Do.

Many have wondered down the years what Jesus Christ actually looked like. In Western European art, he is depicted as looking like a European person. In Africa Jesus is regarded and shown as a black man. In the Far East, Christ is shown as looking typically Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

This is understandable as people from different parts of the world will depict Jesus as looking like them. They will identify with a Christ that looks like them and fits into their racial, cultural, and national paradigm. A majority of European countries depict Christ with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, they should not be condemned for being racist no more than a Native American Jesus or a Maori Jesus is racist.

The Bible doesn’t actually describe the physical appearance of Jesus as such. People back then were more interested in what Christ came to do rather than his physical appearance. We live in a world that is obsessed with physical appearance. So to our modern mind, the fact there are no real descriptions of Christ’s appearance is strange. Even amongst some Christians, the Lord’s physical appearance is an ongoing investigation.

What we do know is that Christ was born in Bethlehem, now located in the Palestinian area of the West Bank. Christ was later raised in Nazareth in Galilee and this is referenced in:

Matt 2:1 – Luke 2:4 – 7, 4:16 – John – 7:42.

The above information can also be found online at ‘GotQuestions’. Also according to ‘GotQuestions’, Jesus was a Jew of multi-ethnic Genealogy. Jesus was a mix of different cultures including Moabites from Ruth and Canaanites through Rahab.

The Turin Shroud remains a contentious issue for both Christians and non-Christians. The image of a crucified man of caucasian appearance is clearly visible on photos, scans, etc. The shroud must be the most venerated and scientifically investigated piece of cloth on the planet. You will find as many reports online saying the shroud is fake as you will saying it is real.

DNA taken from the blood is type AB a type mostly found in the Middle East. A related investigation into this apparently proved Jesus is related to a people called the Druze. Druze are neither Muslim, Jew nor Christian and do not marry out of their faith anymore. Some alleged relations of Christ were tracked down in the Middle East and identified themselves as Druze. When presented with this news they were ecstatic as they like Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in God. However, like any scientific investigation, one should keep an open mind as another science-based investigation might say the opposite.

In Revelation Jesus is described as having dark skin and woolly hair. Going off what most Middle Eastern people look like, Jesus would likely have resembled them. In Hollywood movies, Christ is shown as having blue eyes like in the epic series, “Jesus of Nazareth”. In more modern movies and series Christ is shown as looking more Middle Eastern as in ‘The Chosen’ and ‘Risen’. So this depiction of a Middle Eastern-looking Jesus is no doubt more accurate. However, Middle Eastern people can be blue-eyed, blonde, or even red-haired. People of the Levant especially in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc, can be European looking. Let us not forget the Middle East as a whole has seen many conquerors down the centuries, whether Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hittites, or Crusaders.

Interactions would have taken place between the invaders and the conquered. So it is only natural that DNA from outsiders would determine the appearance of Middle Eastern people.

So to conclude, it really doesn’t matter what Christ’s appearance was like. Who he was (and who he still is) and what he came to do in the end, is all that matters. The millions of Christians around the world who pray are obviously not concerned by our Lord’s appearance in human form. What matters to them is the spiritual aspect of Christ and to meditate, petition, and spend time with God.

Yes, Christ was born a Jew but he didn’t come only for Jews. He came for everyone that would accept his message, regardless of race, religion, nationality, male or female, financial status, or age. That is true now as it was back then.

Here is a scripture that references the narrative of this blog:

Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for all is one in Christ Jesus”.


God bless you.

Nick x.


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