Jesus: The real meaning of Christmas.

Jesus:  The real meaning of Christmas.

Watching television in the run-up to Christmas, one can’t help but feel bombarded with Christmas adverts. If it’s not celebs pushing the latest Dior product, Amazon showing how efficient their delivery of gifts across the world is, or Asda using an old Fleetwood Mac track, we’re soon sucked in with thoughts of Christmas shopping, car parking problems, endless queues in stores, credit card bills and more.

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Sadly, business and debt seem to be at the very heart of Christmas.  Each year it seems that fewer people celebrate the good news of Christ’s birth, so we shouldn’t be surprised by how commercial and materialistic this festive season has become for so many, with many households saddled with extra debt this Christmas.

If we remove the gift of Christ from our Christmas then gifts we replace him with, can never satisfy.  Sadly there is a new generation of children who aren’t aware of who Jesus really is, and why the word of God entered our world and clothed himself in flesh, sharing our humanity.  But before we condemn the spending habits of others, we must look at our own example this Christmas.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying gifts or enjoying your food and drink during the Christmas season.  Jesus himself drank, ate and enjoyed the company of people, regardless of their status or background.  But let us keep at the centre of our lives, the heart of the Christmas miracle concerning the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we sit down for Christmas dinner this year with our in-laws and outlaws (with all the funny cliches that come to mind) let us spare a thought and more than a penny for the less fortunate at this time of the year.  However, our chief goal must be to honour the birth and person of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The miracle child is God’s gift to us and our gifts to one another pale in comparison when we compare the eternal worth of Christ.  So let us give with a generous heart to those who are in need, and remember WHO it is that is the most valuable gift that we could share.




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