Messiah Motivation

Messiah Motivation

What motivates one person doesn’t always motivate another. For example, one might find keeping fit a motivation, whereas reading a book may motivate another.

Some get a kick out of going to work, while others get a thrill out of doing things for people. Whatever our motivation may be, it is the driving force, for people from all backgrounds, genders, race, faiths and nationalities.

For the new Christian, the expectation may be that our motivation to serve the Lord, will always be 100%. That life will never throw a curveball at us, but, this is not what Jesus taught. Both Christians and non-Christians will be tested by life, that’s for sure. The difference being is that as Christians, we have a God, who will help us through hard times. Also, being around other Christians and indeed positive people, groups, etc, will do our self-esteem (so that we can be motivated to do good) the power of good.

Can motivation become addictive? The answer is yes. One has to only look at some people with gym memberships! Anything we are interested in or involved in, whatever our capacity, can become addictive. The secret is to balance motivation so it doesn’t take over our lives, to the exclusion of other things.

There are those, however, who just cannot get motivated. For whatever reason, they lose their equilibrium, their modus operandi, and focus on taking part in the circle of life. This can be as unhealthy and destructive as someone who is addicted to motivation, which sadly, leads them to burn out, with, equally devastating consequences.

Christians must be there to help bring balance and guidance to all. This includes folk who are so motivated that their ‘tunnel vision approach’ to life causes great neglect of other things and people.
We must also, help those, who lack motivation, with positive steps forward.

God motivated many people in the Bible for righteousness sake, to make changes to their nation and lives, often against impossible odds.

Christians must draw their motivation from Christ’s example. He was motivated by love and passion to save mankind from judgement. Motivated, we can let the Lord influence us so that we can work for the good of his kingdom. Whatever our talent may be, we must speak to the Lord about it, and ask Him, how best, our skill can be used for His glory.

Here are some helpful scriptures:

Matt 19:26 But Jesus looked at them, and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible”.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him, who strengthens me”.

God bless you xxx.


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