Never Compromise on Christ!

Never Compromise on Christ!

The UK and the Western World could be thought of as a post-Christian environment. The UK, in particular, has attracted immigration from various parts of the world, and as these communities have settled here, along with their descendants, so, non-Christian places of worship, have also sprung up.

Although Christianity is still classed as the major faith in this nation,(on census records at least), many still do identify as Christian, even if they do not attend church or seriously practice Christianity.

Islam, after Christianity, is the second-largest faith in the UK, followed by Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc. These other faiths compete with Christianity for places to spread their message and win converts in schools, colleges, places of work, and all walks of society. For example, in local authority meetings and in government, all faiths are respected and given equal billing now.

The golden age of when the UK was referred to as a Christian country has gone. However, that does not mean our faith is extinct – indeed it has adapted and is still doing much good work and winning souls for God.

Now that the UK is a multifaith society, Christianity is regarded as just one of many faiths. This situation has arisen as Christianity has declined and God has been taken out of the mainstream. Secularism and indeed, other faiths, plus the fear of not favouring one faith over another, has led to this situation. Declining church attendance has also been a contributing factor.

In some respects at least, people of all religions can co-operate when it comes to social justice, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, etc. There are, between Christianity and other traditions, commonalities of love, compassion, right action, justice, etc. However, as Christians, though we love and respect our friends of other traditions, we must not, and should not, compromise on the uniqueness of Christ and his message.

Jesus also lived in a multicultural and multi-religious world, so he is well familiar with the situation we find ourselves in today. Obviously, the Jews, Greeks, Arabs, and others, would have come, under Roman rule. This factor added more religious and cultural diversity to this melting pot, in the Middle East. Yet despite these faith and cultural differences, Jesus saw beyond these conceptions. He saw them as people, as human beings, for all their strengths and weaknesses. He loved them for the people they were, created by God, whether they were rich or poor. All Jesus wanted from them was their trust and to understand who he was, what he had come to do and the wonderful life of abundance he offered, both in this life and the next. Today, Christ’s message remains the same for all – regardless of their financial, religious, racial, nationality, gender and yes, even their sexual orientation.

As followers of Christ, we must preach, speak and introduce our faith to the curious, but never force our views on others. So in word and deed, we must demonstrate and promote the uniqueness of Jesus and his offer of salvation to all who repent and believe the gospel.

Here then, are some scriptures, on the very uniqueness and divinity of Jesus:

John 14:6 Jesus said to them “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.

1 Timothy 2:5 “For there is one God, and there is one mediator, between God and men, the man Jesus Christ”.

God bless you xxx.


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