Patient Prayer!

Patient Prayer!

Have you ever prayed for something when you are in real trouble, or you’ve been asking God for your heart’s desire and the answer hasn’t arrived?

Many Christians get discouraged when no answer appears to be coming. Yet, why do so many lack patience, when it comes to the question of seeking God’s will? Could the answer be that many Christians are not deep-rooted in their faith?

God is not like a sky wizard, who at the drop of a hat, waves his magic wand and we receive everything we wanted. Neither is the Bible a magic book as if pulled out of a Harry Potter movie. We don’t conjure up answers to prayer like a magic spell. Some prosperity preachers infer this with their religious incantations when the bible verses are spoken out of context, and often for human greed.

God loves his children like a father, and when we pray, God is listening to us. However, he will answer our prayer, in his own time. Our Lord like all good parents knows what is best for us. Therefore, the answer to our prayer may not be what we have been petitioning him for. The reason for this is simple and his answer will be to our benefit and faith, in accordance with his plans for us.

The Lord himself never said we would not face problems in life. He did say, say, however, that when we call on him, he is there for us. Many times, we can look back upon our lives and when we called on God for assistance, he has brought us through.

God does not answer our prayers in the way we desire when our heart is not right with him. For example, if we are doing something that displeases him or we cannot forgive someone, both of these will often block what God wants to do for us and through us.

Prayer is a hugely important aspect of the Christian faith, and the Bible urges us to pray, without ceasing. We must not give up, because in the end, however long it takes, God will deliver on his promise to us.

Here are some encouraging verses for your consideration:

Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you…”

Isaiah 65:24, “Before you call, I will answer, while you are speaking, I will hear…”

God bless you xxx.


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