Starlings: An inspiration about community.

Starlings:  An inspiration about community.

I was looking out of my bedroom window recently and observing Starlings going about their daily business. I watched intently as the adult birds fed their fledgelings while God placed an inspiration in my head for this week’s blog.

God was showing me the activities of these little birds because they were a community. A community that looked after their young, stayed alert for signs of danger and paid attention to the needs of the birds within the flock. It was then I saw a parallel between Christians as a community of believers and the works of these wonderful little birds.

Of course, spending time with God alone is important and Jesus encourages us to do this, but the Bible teaches that community is important too. In Matthew 18:20 Jesus tells us that when we gather together, there he will be in the midst of us.

Some people think that faith should be something private and personal, but to isolate ourselves from others and keep the faith just to ourselves, is entirely contrary to the gospel and teachings of Jesus.

The Christian community is important because it is a place where Christ called us to gather together and share fellowship. Many regard the church as just a building or an organisation, but it is, in fact, the people who attend church or work for the church.

From the very inception of the early church right up to the present day, it is the people who are the church, forming meaningful and loving relationships as a community blessed by God.

The Church community is also about praying, teaching, discipleship and helping the less fortunate – whether they be in our congregation or not. Also, the community of Christians should also encourage the notion that church is not just something we do on Sundays, but a daily walk in communion with God and others.

God never stops caring for each one of us, and as a Christian community neither should we.


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