The Ice Worm and The Other Miracles of Life.

The Ice Worm and The Other Miracles of Life.

I was watching a programme called ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the Blaze Channel, and as you may know from previous blogs, I believe God may have created other lifeforms on other worlds.

However, something struck me as the presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos and a biology scientist explored ice caves in the Artic. This discovery has been profound and thought-provoking for the question of how life survives, both on this planet and possibly, on other worlds too.

Scientists are finding life in the most inhospitable places where only a few years ago, no life was thought to exist; for example, at the deepest depths of the ocean, or boiling volcanic water. In this programme, a worm was pointed out to Mr. Tsoukalos that has the ability to live in and upon the ice.

Apparently, over thousands of years, this little worm (related to the humble Earthworm) has managed to survive and eke out a living in ice caves, as it crawls through the ice and survives on algae and other detritus. This Iceworm has surprised scientists in its ability to survive and even thrive in ice caves. For example, it is known that warm-blooded creatures (including ourselves), must burn energy to keep warm in a cold environment, whereas, cold-blooded creatures become sluggish in the cold and may even become dormant.

With Iceworms, however, there is a paradox for scientists. This worm’s energy levels go up in the cold thanks to something in its DNA called ATP synthase. This is what helps the Iceworm, a cold-blooded creature, stay warm.

Sadly, as the glaciers melt around the world thanks to Global warming, the habitat of this little creature is becoming scarce. This worm, along with other lifeforms, depends on the glacier for survival, and it may disappear. So scientists are in a race against time, to better understand this worm and the other creatures in glaciers.

Hopefully, as scientists study this worm and the myriad of other lifeforms in the ice, they will endeavour, to save it.

Many Christians and followers of other faiths, will have a literal belief in the creation story, as described in Genesis, while others accept theories such as Intelligent Design or Theistic Evolution. It seems that scientists are always trying to play catchup with God as they try to make sense of the miracle of life on this planet.

Whether we happen to be scientists or not, we need to take a step back and put aside theories about how life may have developed on this planet, and just appreciate the miracle of life: How so many lifeforms exist, even in conditions, that should kill them. Just to meditate and stand in awe of this and consider that God created these lifeforms and He has given them the adaptation to survive in the most extreme conditions. It’s true what, they say, that life will find a way, but this shows just what an awesome and powerful God we serve! A God, that cares for all his beings, whether they be the humble Iceworm or indeed, ourselves.

So the next time you watch a nature documentary or observe the visible universe, let us remember the miracle of creation. Here are some scriptures that reflect what we have considered in this blog:

Psalm 145:5: “On the glorious splendour of your Majesty, and your wondrous works, I will meditate”.

Psalm 118:23: “This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes”.

Job 12:7-10: “But ask the beasts and they will teach you, and the fish of the sea will declare for you. Who among you does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In this is every living creature and mankind”.

God bless you!

Nick x.


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