Government’s Cruel Welfare Policy Has Created More Homelessness, Poverty and Destitution.

Government's Cruel Welfare Policy Has Created More Homelessness, Poverty and Destitution.

The levels of homelessness in our country have risen to an unacceptable level, with a United Nations report concluding that the British government must act to end this appalling level of destitution.

The report accuses the government of inflicting homelessness, poverty and misery on the poor in the UK. The government’s flagship welfare policy, Universal Credit, though helpful in theory, (again according to the report) has led to more people being homeless and trapped in poverty. A growing dependency on food banks and a downward spiral of people into mental health has further highlighted the situation.

Last year in England there were 57,890 people that were homeless. In Scotland, 34,100 homeless applications were accepted by local authorities and Wales has seen 9,120 people (whether they be families or individuals) threatened with homelessness.

Walking any town in the UK, you will see levels of poverty and homelessness not seen for generations. This is totally unacceptable in a nation reportedly the sixth most prosperous in the world.

People are homeless for many reasons and these levels in Blackpool are sadly, three times the national average.

While many are forced onto the streets through poverty, family breakdown, and more, there are some who choose to live on the streets. They know there are street charities where they can get a meal and a hot drink, and they get by with cash they receive from begging.

On top of homelessness, people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Spice is one drug that many destitute people have become dependent upon. You will see many groups or individuals on our streets, in a stupor-like condition because of this evil narcotic.

There are homeless shelters and hostels, where many homeless people can access food, a shower and a bed for the night. However, the government has brought in a law that requires users of these services, to have identification. Therefore, if you do not have the right ID, like a passport, you are more often than not, turned away.

Councils do have a duty of care to the homeless, but because of reduced housing stock, budget cuts etc, it is becoming harder for councils to help. Churches, charities etc, do what they can to help, but homelessness appears to be a never-ending problem.

As Christians, we are called to do what we can for the victims of homelessness and poverty.

Finally, here are a couple of verses regarding the theme of this article:

1 John 3:17 “Rich people who see a brother or sister in need, yet close their hearts against them, cannot claim to love God”.

James 2:15 – 16 “Suppose there are brothers and sisters that need clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good is there in saying “God bless you! Keep warm and well”! If you don’t give the necessities of life”.

God bless you xxx.


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