Thought For The Week.

Thought For The Week.

I find it deeply sad that some folk can look at all the beauty, complexity, amazing function and purpose within life and living organisms, and still conclude that all of this came from nothing and for no planned intelligent purpose. It’s not only highly illogical, but a hopless reasoning and belief.

If you see design, then you can know there is a Designer. Even on the most basic level, if we see a building, we know there is a Builder. If we see a painting, we conclude logically there is a Painter.

Bill Gates wrote that ‘DNA is like a computer programme but far, far, more advanced than any software ever created’.

Would we look at a room filled with trillions of computers, each one with their own uniquely written software programme that controls robotics, manufacturing, distribtuion, and delivery, and assume that over millions of years, all this was formed from nothing, coincidence, and for no intellible purpose? Let’s not forget all of the materials used in this process, from the smallest screws, to the largest plastics, metals and so on, engineered with such detail, and in a manner that shows intellgent thought behind the process. Would we look at a Boeing 787 and conclude that all the sub frame, seating, TVs, computers, and instruments, were all formed out of nothing, over billions of years, with no intelligent thought or purpose behind it? So the idea of a ‘chemical soup’ that came from nothing and formed everything by chance, without purpose, is crazy and mathematically and statistically bonkers!

Just take a look at the inner working of a human cell, or DNA/RNA. Or to make things simpler: the skeletal structure of a human being, the intelligent processes of thought, the brain, spinal chord, cental nervous system, vascular system, and the way your organs function and work. We know that trillions of cells produce all this, and we think it’s just a chemical soup that came about by random chance? What about all the incredible instruction coded within DNA?

A philosophy like this is one of hopelessness that makes no sense of why we love, dream, and hope. This belief system is like the grim reaper waiting at your birthday party, just to remind you that all this joy is pointless!

We don’t celebrate life becuase we have it and it will soon be gone. We celebrate life because all living things have meaning and purpose beyond their function and our understanding, and ultimately, beyond nihilism.

We have the ability to love, because we were first loved by God. We are made in His image and likeness and can reflect something of His very being. But to ignore this truth is to close one’s eyes to the evidence around us, dull our conscience, and ultimately, ignore God. That’s a living hell, with no God, and no hope. But with Christ, we can know God, and we can know hope.

God bless you,

Rev. Simon Page X.


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