Visiting and Visitors.

Visiting and Visitors.

The Bible tells us to welcome visitors with friendliness and hospitality for example:

Hebrews 13-12:

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”.

Matthew 25-35:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me somethng to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”.

So scripture is crystal clear when visitors come in whatever circumstances. However, what happens when we don’t want people to visit us? When we are tired and don’t particularly like certain people, these are just some of the reasons.

Undoubtedly, some people give off a good and bad atmosphere, and you can sense it when you are in their presence. This feeling may come because they are genuinely good or bad people, or, like all of us, they go through genuinely positive or negative situations. As Christians we need to be tolerant and respond to these situations lovingly. As humans, we can find it difficult to deal with what people are going through, especially if it is negative. This is where the Spirit of Christ comes to the fore. He should always be our example in any situation.

Just as we fear negative visitors or welcome positive visitors, it is the same when we visit places or people because we find joy in them. Just like there will be places and people we do not want to visit but are compelled to for whatever reason.

Of course, some people never get any visitors at all. It may be that they live in an isolated area with no family or friends? Some are housebound and therefore cannot get out to visit anyone. Also, because of certain factors such as illness, they are not in a position to receive or entertain visitors. Some do not receive visitors or visit because people do not like them. Again, as Christians, if we are able, we are called upon to come alongside such people.

Jesus was a serial visitor and was often visited by many people. Jesus went to his home, and sadly, he was rejected by his own family, friends, and townspeople. That must have hurt him as a human but being God incarnate he already knew this was going to happen. Even when they threatened to throw him off a cliff, he said, “A Prophet is never recognised by his own people”. With that, as it states in scripture, he wiped the dust off his feet and moved on.

If people do want us to visit them or contact them that is sad. However, we must respect their wishes. We don’t want to become a nuisance to the point where we become serial stalkers in their minds, though we mean no harm and only wish to see they are okay. That can be difficult to handle for well-meaning people, people of faith, and especially, Christians. So then, what are we to do in such situations where we have to respect other’s boundaries? What we can do is pray and entrust them to Almighty God. Their refusal to see us or speak to us may be temporary. Even if it is not, we must continue to pray for them and wish them the best.

Our nation receives a great number of visitors whether they be legal or illegal. Many people whether Polish or Pakistani, have settled here. Their presence has changed the way certain areas of our country look. Some welcome the presence of strangers in our midst while others resent it.

Migration has always been a factor in Britain’s development as a modern Western nation. Historically, many of these visitors came as settlers, while others came as conquerors and invaders. Many of these visitors bring with them different customs and faiths. Some among us feel their culture, religion, etc, threatens our native way of life. That is understandable, however, as Christians we must build a bridge between immigrant communties and native British communities, just as Jesus did and would do if he were physically present with us today. The Middle East back then was a melting pot of Greeks, Jews, Romans, and other incomers. Jesus preached love and tolerance, for all and that must be our modus operandi too,

Finally, then let God always be our guide when visiting or receiving visitors.

God bless you,

Nick x.


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