Why Jesus!

Why Jesus!

Why do Christians believe in God?

Some say that you cannot prove empirically there is a God/Creator, yet science still cannot rationally explain where the universe came from or why it exists. However, the universe must have a cause.

Some describe the creator as the One who is the ‘uncaused first cause’. Finite minds cannot comprehend everything about the nature of God, yet many scientists acknowledge that there is some ultimate intelligence behind it. Many stop, however, at using the word ‘God’ probably rejecting the religious undertones that often are associated with any discussion about deity. That’s not to say, however, that in the scientific community there aren’t any Christians. On the contrary, there are many excellent ones who have written vastly on the subject, from Michael Behe to Stephen Meyers. Their arguments for intelligent Design that are derived from DNA and the human cell are very convincing indeed. You can find their excellent and compelling works on Amazon.

There are many faiths that express the idea of God, but for Christians Jesus, is the living embodiment of God manifest on this planet. The Christian God is a trinitarian God, revealed as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Other faiths may speak of God as an abstract being or as an impersonal far away force, but none of them, have a person like Jesus, who was God the Son, God incarnate, and who revealed the nature, heart, miracles and teaching of God.

Buddha and Mohammed never claimed to be divine. Mohammed claimed divine guidance and inspiration but died as a mere man. Buddha never claimed to be working for a higher being, and simply pointed the way to supposed enlightenment. Both men were leaders that inspired two of the worlds major faiths, however, both died leaving their followers to argue who should succeed them.

Jesus, however, performed miracles and wonders to support his claim to be inspired and guided by God, along with his incredible claim that he was God in human form.

Scholars down the ages have tried to find fault with the New Testament, but have failed. Indeed many have converted to Christianity – even the most stubborn of historians, admit Christ was a historical figure and that the evidence for his resurrection is more than convincing.

Today, we live in a largely humanistic, non-Christian age and often the environment is not conducive to preaching the word. Along with other faiths, including secularism and materialism, evangelism is a challenge for Christians, not only in the West but in Communist and Islamic countries. Perhaps not since the Roman Empire have Christians been under such a yoke. Yet for all the difficulty, the church remains strong and buoyant. Yes, the church remains divided over denominations and issues, yet souls are still coming to Christ, often in the harshest and spiritually oppressive and dark areas of the world.

For all those wondering about Jesus, I invite you to read the scriptures yourself. There you will find the reason why so many of us have hope in God and Jesus Christ. If we can help you on your spiritual journey, please do contact us. It will be our pleasure to help.

We hope and pray that you will make a decision to follow Jesus. Be assured, you will never regret it.

God bless you xxx.


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