Worship The One!

Worship The One!

What do you worship in this world? Some love the status that having a good job brings. Others like a large house, a flash car, the latest electronic gizmo, and so on.

Then we have folk who dote on/worship celebrities, like a musician, an actor, sports personalities, etc. Material wealth that is accrued by a good income is beneficial and of course, can be good. But if your life is focused purely on material things then that is an empty life. Life has a funny way of turning things upside down and worship of the material or what provides you with a lavish lifestyle can be snuffed out in a moment.

Remember what the Lord said about worshipping idols and all the negative consequences that stem from that. You should worship God and Him only. God is a jealous god and for good reason. He does not wish us to take the path of unhappiness and ultimately destruction. He wishes us to have a beautiful, rewarding, secure and happy life in a relationship with him. This can be obtained freely through a relationship with Jesus Christ, in this life and the next.

Christmas will be a very expensive time for many this year. Once again, we are bombarded with ads showing how fantastic we can be if only we buy a product. Kids will want the latest electronic game or gizmo, phone, etc. All this is like a continual capitalistic merry-go-round with no easy way off.

We live in a world where what should be worshipped is often ignored and what should not be entertained is worshipped. It is a shame that Jesus Christ and God in this environment are little more than swear words. Satan and his devious agenda are truly running amok in this world.

Within Christendom, we have the prosperity gospel teachers who act like showmen and women exhorting their followers to part with cash, and in return, they are falsely promised financial blessings of one sort or another. Often it is vulnerable people who literally worship these false teachers and they hang on to every word they say. All these preachers speak of God but as they stand there in their finery, the spotlight seems to be on them. Once more this is truly Satanic and sadly, there are many brothers and sisters in bondage to this style of preaching.

We come to technology which can be a wonderful thing in the sense that it should be an aid and sometimes a pleasure in our lives. Technology is aiding in the field of medical advancements and will come as relief to many.

However, we live in a world of addiction to screens taking our minds away from God and what pleases Him. Elon Musk did not say you could literally “upload a demon” for nothing. Satan wants to replace what God has made and if he can do it through robots and AI why wouldn’t he?

Look at COP 27 where the world hopes so-called leaders will solve the problem of climate change. However good these leaders’ intentions are promises will be made but not unfortunately kept. This was the case with COP 26 in Glasgow which people like Boris Johnson and David Attenborough attended.

How many promises were made and how many have been actualized? Is God the Creator of the Universe ever mentioned?

Those that believe the Earth is a living being and say ‘Mother Earth’ mean well. However, turning our beautiful planet into a goddess and worshipping it is also Satanic. It is putting yet another idol in front of God, and He cannot stand it and will not entertain it. God should be the true focus of the environmentalist movement. He alone can correct the destructive path we are on. Not only for our species but for all the other flora and fauna on this planet we call home.

Today we live in a world of other faiths, philosophies, and political ideologies. However, when all these things are compared to God and his Son Jesus Christ they are found wanting. And as a Christian, you may say I would say that anyway and you’d be right.

We are all broken and part of the problem is what the Bible calls sin. This is why I challenge you this day to make a decision for Christ. You will find your life will turn around in a way you never thought possible. With fellow believers and a church community that helps you spiritually and practically, no matter what you are going through.

You will realize why God and only Him should be given true worship. Only he can deliver us from the worries of life. And lead us beyond this life to a true life of peace and fulfillment.

I present you with scripture addressing the issues in this blog:

John 4:24: “God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth”.

Psalm 150:6: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”!

Luke 4:8: “And Jesus answered him, “It is written, you shall love the Lord your God and Him only serve”.

God bless you

Nick x.


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