God Loves Failures.

God Loves Failures.

Failure is something the material world frowns upon, and the media often loves to build people up only to shoot them down again. The press, especially in 2019, are continually criticising people for something that led them to a downfall. It can be a cold, negative and thankless world to inhabit, and one that shows the folly of those who solely pursue material ambition over developing character.

Materialism is the bedrock of life for many in the 21st Century, and of course, that is how the world measures someone’s success or failure, encompassing people from all walks of life, class, faith, race, gender and nationality.

Failure is no respecter of persons when it strikes, it strikes indiscriminately, and in many cases, there is little or nothing one can do to immediately alleviate it. People of faith, can turn to God and give their worries and anxiety to Him, but not all share or believe, in the hope God offers, sad to say.

Advertisements continually bombard us with what a successful person looks like. If you are out of work or unable to work (for whatever reason), you don’t drive the right car, you don’t have the right income, you don’t live in the right neighbourhood, you aren’t married with 2.4 children, then many worldly folks may dismiss you, as a failure.

Why does the world, particularly the western world, think like this? Is it largely conditioning that materialism with all that it brings, is considered a measure of success?

From the beginning of the creation, sin has led humanity to lust after materialism and make it a selfish world.

Satan’s way is materialism, with no room for spirituality or reverence for God. At first, materialism seems good, Satan (just as he did with Jesus), offers us the world, but, Satan, unlike God, is a fairweather friend. When your business fails, you lose your job, your marriage fails, a beloved member of the family dies or a friend lets you down, the devil will leave you high and dry. God, on the other hand, is there for you and longs for you to return to him or know him. Jesus told us that those who seek God, with all of their heart, will find him.

Jesus in many of his sayings and actions railed against the materialistic and excessive world of his day. The poor, homeless, hungry, oppressed, etc, were at the heart of Christ’s ministry.

When Jesus died on the cross, his enemies saw the carpenter of Nazareth as a failure. When he was buried they thought he was dead and gone for good, but, they were in for a shock! Jesus triumphantly arose from the grave on the third day, turning his apparent failure, (as the world measured and still measures failure) into an incredible success! Many people in Christ’s day and today, didn’t and do not realise why Christ had to die, why he arose, and the eternal life he offers, beyond this one. Jesus turned the very understanding of the word ‘failure’ on its head. It’s no wonder that many people have misunderstood his life and mission. For those who did and do understand, they were promised and still, today are promised, eternal life after death. Also, a wonderful relationship with God, in this present existence, with all the life in abundance and blessings, that entails.

Jesus never said, life in this world, would be easy, however, he is there for us, whatever our desires, hopes or challenges.

Finally, the world’s concept of failure (based on materialism) is a million miles away from Gods. Therefore, Christians put God first in your lives and there you will find your contentment and purpose in Him. For those who turn to him, they will surely find life in all of its fullness.

Here are some scriptures as food for thought:

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things, through Him, who strengthens me”.

James 2:24 “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone”.

God bless you xxx.


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