RT Kendall: My part in his seminar.

RT Kendall:  My part in his seminar.

When Rev Brian Grist asked me to go with him and his wife, Carol, to attend a seminar with RT Kendall, I felt honoured and appreciated.  Simon, our regular Pastor, was unable to attend, so I gladly accepted the kind invitation to represent the Victoria Community Church.

I didn’t know much about the key speaker, RT Kendall, so I did a little research before the event.  RT Kendall as many of you may know was the Pastor of Westminister Chapel for 25 years, and he is a distinguished Christian author.  His Modus Operandi for his walk with God is Calvinism and he is an admirer of Martin Luther (not to be confused with the Black American civil rights leader).

The fact he is 82 years old and still as sharp as ever, is a miracle in itself.

We proceeded to the seminar that was held at the ‘Village Hotel’, formerly ‘De Veres’, where we were greeted by beautiful grounds surrounding the hotel.

Entering the venue we were all given passes and a beverage before we entered the room where the RT Kendall seminar would take place.

We were soon treated to music from a Pastor from Wolverhampton, with guitar in hand.  RT Kendall then proceeded to speak about issues concerning faith and the ‘Festival of Hope’ with Franklyn Graham.

One issue he tackled was what he called ‘watered down’ sermons, so as not to offend minorities or Christians with a different interpretation of scripture.  RT also mentioned the fact many clergies in the UK do not read their Bible as they once did and prefer to get info for their sermons from the internet.

He also mentioned Hell as a very real place and attacked those Pastors who did not mention this place of torment, for fear of scaring off their congregation.

We then enjoyed a tea break, before we sang hymns before RT returned to inspire us again.

We enjoyed lunch in the hotel dining room where pasta meals were available with vegetables, and bottled water was available on the dining tables.  I found the staff very agreeable and the company of the other attendees at the seminar, very pleasant.

I chatted with Ann Strickland and other familiar faces from other churches, as well as people I met for the first time.

During the afternoon session, RT spoke of his conversations with Billy Graham during his time as Pastor for Westminster Chapel.  He spoke of his sadness about Dr Graham’s passing but concluded Billy was now with the Master and his loved ones in Heaven.

At the end of the session, RT encouraged audience members to ask him questions on whatever subject.  I liked the fact that he was prepared to answer unscreened questions, which showed openness on his part.

After that things were quickly wrapped up and for those interested, RT was doing a book signing of his latest release.  I can truthfully say the event was an eye-opening, interesting and a truly spiritual event for me.